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Government of Manitoba and Canada agree on three-year child care action plans

August 24, 2023

The governments of Canada and Manitoba have released new Action Plans to continue implementation of the Canada-Manitoba Canada-wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement and the Canada-Manitoba bilateral agreement. Manitoba is the first province/territory to reach agreement with the Government of Canada on the content of the Action Plans for the 2023-2026 period. Agreements are...

More federal funding needed to make $10 a day child care a reality for all

August 11, 2023

Child Care Now is calling for increased federal spending on the early childhood education workforce, and for much bigger federal investments in the construction of more not-for-profit and public early learning and child care facilities. In a recent submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance, Child Care Now has recommended that the...

Prince Edward Island proposes regulatory changes to ECE titles and centre capacity

July 20, 2023

The government of Prince Edward Island has released its proposed changes to the province’s Early Learning and Child Care Act, including changes to ECE certification titles and an increase in capacities of licensed centres. The consultation process for these changes ended July 19th 2023 and included public consultation sessions and written feedback with the Early...



Working towards all early learning and child care programs Canada-wide being high quality environments for children, families, and educators.


Working with the government and other policy stakeholders to implement Canada-jurisdiction early learning and child care agreements.

Gender Equity

Seeking a system of early learning and child care because we know that it directly impacts women’s participation in the paid labour force, and positively correlates to achieving gender equity.

Families and Caregivers

Striving for parent, family, and caregiver needs such as accessibility and affordability of early learning and child care to be met.


Moving beyond the current patchwork, market-based child care model to a solid system that serves everyone.


Advocating for decent work and proper compensation inclusive of pensions and benefits for all Early Childhood Educators and the child care workforce.