The Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care (OCBCC) and the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario (AECEO) launched a Roadmap to Universal Child Care in Ontario which proposes twenty policy interventions to build a comprehensive and publicly funded system. 

Carolyn Ferns of the OCBCC says it is urgent that Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford be pushed to enter into a child care funding agreement with the federal government so that Ontario residents are not denied the opportunity of a comprehensive system of early learning and child care.

“The federal 2021 budget has allocated billions of dollars for child care and so we must make sure that Ontario spends its share on implementing our Three Big Ideas: affordable fees, decent work, and enough public and non-profit child care for all,” said Ferns.



This summer, the OCBCC and AECEO are organizing Ontario residents to communicate support for the Roadmap to Universal Child Care in Ontario. A Roadmap Action Toolkit is available to help with those efforts. Everyone is encouraged to take part in #TakeActionTuesday, a weekly action that advocates can join wherever they are located. In the first action, child care advocates ‘Chalked the Walk’ with messages in support of the Roadmap and the Three big ideas.