An image of a wavy road, with 6 stops, text as in main textThe Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC and Early Childhood Educators of BC have released a Roadmap for implementing the publicly funded and publicly managed universal $10 a day child care system that BC’s NDP government has promised in the last two provincial elections.

The proposed Roadmap has six central elements: 

  1. Bring $10aDAY child care to more families  
  • Open all new programs receiving capital funds as $10aDay sites
  • Transition existing programs in public and nonprofit facilities to $10aDay sites
  1.   Provide universal access to before and after school care on school grounds
  • Use existing kindergarten/primary classrooms
  • Integrate existing on-site school aged programs into the $10aDay system
  • Open new publicly delivered school aged programs on school grounds as $10aDay sites
  • Engage with existing community-based school age providers to support their integration into the broader learning community
  1.   Ensure early childhood educators are a well supported profession
  • Implement a publicly funded, province-wide, competitive and equitable wage grid.
  • Raise educational standards for early childhood educators
  • Increase access to public post-secondary education
  • Put in place transition strategies to address workforce challenges
  1. Move Responsibility for child care to the Ministry of Education
  2. Protect Child Care in Law
  3. Create a new child care capital program
  • End the practice of providing public capital funds for privately owned facilities
  • Establish a new major capital budget in the Ministry of Education to be used to plan and develop high quality programs in publicly owned facilities and, where opportunities exist, in facilities owned by non-profits organizations

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