Child Care Now is working with Oxfam Canada and the Childcare Resource and Research Unit  on carrying out a joint project to ensure that the voices of women who have the most difficulty accessing licensed child care are heard. 

The two-year project, funded by the federal government’s WAGE department, will include research on the barriers faced by marginalized women. Also, the project will address what the child care movement must do to include organizations representing vulnerable women and to advance their policy objectives.  

The project will focus on women living in the Atlantic, Ontario, Prairies, and Pacific regions although the lessons learned will likely apply to other regions. Already, the project has developed a map of national organizations that are engaged in various ways in addressing inequality and inequity, and we have reached out to them to encourage involvement. We have also put in place an experienced and diverse advisory committee that will guide the direction of our project.  

This short briefing note further explains the rationale for the project and outlines some of the planned activities.