The Manitoba government has amended their child care regulations to provide facilities with a 2.75 percent increase to the wage grid supplement, effective July 1, and a five percent increase to the base operating grants, retroactively effective April 1. This increase was first announced May 3 2024 and reflects the government’s commitment in their 2023-2024 to 2024-2025 Action Plan to increase the wage grid by at least 2% each year. 

The governments of Canada and Manitoba will provide an additional $10.9 million in 2024-25 to supplement early childhood educator wages. The Manitoba wage grid is not mandatory, but provides a recommended starting point and target wages for various positions within early learning and child care. The updated wage grid is now available on the Government of Manitoba’s website. 

2024-2025 Manitoba Early Learning and Child Care Wage Grid

Level/PositionHourly wage
Starting pointTarget
Director ECE III
151-200 spaces$36.81$37.85
51-150 spaces$33.06$33.43
50 spaces or less$29.75$30.03
Director ECE II
151-200 spaces$34.57$34.57
51-150 spaces$31.01$31.42
50 spaces or less$27.90$28.15
Assistant Director
ECE III$29.66$30.05
ECE II$26.76$27.02
ECE III$28.17$28.43
ECE II$25.43$25.69
Frontline Staff  
ECE III$24.31$24.42
ECE II – 2 plus years experience$22.79$22.90
ECE – Entry Level$21.30$21.47
CCA (with 40 hour course)$17.51$17.64

The regulatory amendments also reflect an increase to base operating grants for all licensed and provincially funded child-care facilities by $8.97 million, retroactive to April 1. This operating funding can also be used to support wages, along with other operating costs, such as rent, programming and food costs. 

Manitoba is also currently consulting with the sector on a comprehensive review of the wage and benefits framework for the ELCC workforce. The review is planned to be completed in 2025. Child Care Now will be watching the revision of the wage grid and certification closely, and will advocate for higher wages within a mandatory comprehensive compensation framework, as developed by the Manitoba Child Care Association